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I open my eyes,
And I am born again
In a Biblical Tribe.

I am Cain, the tattooed wanderer
Poised at the meeting place between Heaven
And the primordial fall
From innocence.

I am Abram, the Mesopotamian minstrel
Strumming a love-sick soul-song
To a double vision
Of Venus.

And I am Jonah, the bubble-blowing fetus
An underwater wizard conjuring ancestral spirits
With the point of my paintbrush
On canvas.
Walk of Cain
 The Walk of Cain

152 X 122 cm, oil on canvas, 2003
Muse of Abram
 The Muse of Abram

122 X 152 cm, oil on canvas, 2003
Birth of Jonah
 The Birth of Jonah

229 X 102 cm triptych, oil on canvas, 2003