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 Wizard of Oh
The smoke-circled elders crouched closer,
a magnetic communion conjured in whispers.
Children and dogs snored in corners of dens,
prompting the piper to fine-tune his flute.
'Please save us a solo,'
signed the Apprentice of Auz;
and while the hungry flame muttered sweetly and sighed -

a shaman chemist cooked
golden hill-given gum,
blackened herbal remedies,
hypnotic honey lulling sustenance
to lolling spirits.

The Serpent of Somnolence winked,
a gently carved gesture of wooden generosity
drawing womb-woven dreams,
inviting infancy's serenity,
summoning a soon-to-slumber fetus
with the caress of his scepter.
'Like this,' he smiled, 'surrender sensation' -

beyond the threshold of stone
frozen under stars
roosting over rice
the primordial essence of cells and electrons
suspended in low orbit
gazing downwards to glimpse inwards –

The Wizard of O